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Trust your feelings.
Weird Al + Charmillionaire + Seth Green + Donny Osmond = *me dead*


EDIT: Found a better quality vid.

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18th-Apr-2006 05:06 pm - Seth Green Journal
Seth Star by
Get yourself your own Seth Green journal from the movie "The Attic Expeditions" created by yours truely, sweetjayguitar
Scribble important stuff - lyrics, recipes, addresses, and more. This Wire-O bound, 160 page journal is unlined and measures 5" x 8", a handy on-the-go size to fit in your backpack. Go creative and let the muse flow.
The back cover is made of thin black flexible textured plastic, measures 16/1000" thick and the front cover is made of 12pt glossy paper, coated for scratch resistance. Inside it is filled with 60lb bookweight (24 lb bond) blank paper - NO LINES.

The Attic Expeditions Journal

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28th-Jun-2005 02:21 am - Hi all!
So, I'm new. Not used to introduction posts, but might aswell, since I feel like writing something :3

Name's Eva and I've loved Seth Green eversince I saw him on "Rat Race", which is now one of my favorite movies. Weird thing actually, my mom randomly bought the VHS, saying that it seemed ok. And she never buys movies herself, so yeah.

I see Seth rarely in films and since I haven't seen a single preview for "Without a Paddle" here, I'm afraid it's not reaching the movies in here ._. God. That sucks majorly

Knockaround Guys I rented on VHS, Rat Race I own on VHS, Can't Hardly Wait I saw on TV several times, Italian Job in the movies and Scooby Doo 2 I rented.

And that's it! Only five movies! Pathetic, yet weird, seemingly I'm such a huge fan with only five movies seen. Well.. And some episodes of Buffy XD

I suppose it's once more a proof of how great Seth really is :3
20th-May-2005 12:48 pm(no subject)
For anyone who's seen the VHS version of "The Italian Job" there's a mini-documentary on the mini coupers, and towards the end of it there's this shot of a ramp and some guy comes striding up it part way looking everywhere but the camera in a "business-like fashion" seeming to have nothing to do with anything yet trying hard to make certain he's noticed and not left out by the camera. WHO THE HECK IS HE??!!? Can anyone with better eyesight than me tell me, 'cause he kinda resembles Seth Green or somebody else who looks damn familiar.

Just wanting to know... Thanks ahead of time.
3rd-May-2005 07:53 pm - family guy
family guy was so great the other night on FOX. does anyone know when adult swim is going to start playing the new episodes? will they play american dad too??? anyways, this is a link to a family guy media player with clips and other stuff. plus a link to join the family guy and american dad teams to win family guy merchandise. so give it a click. to launch the family guy/american dad media player for sneak clips of both shows, click and LAUNCH http://www.m80teams.com/?QzoxMTg0OjIwNzc3Mw==
8th-Mar-2005 07:58 am - Actor Seth Green: 'Robot Chicken'
Seth Star by
I'm a big Seth Green fan I just haven't got the time right now to watch Seth Green's new show Robot Chicken, but he's what Terry Gross has to say about it from http://www.npr.org/; "He directs and provides voices for the new series Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network, which he describes as "SNL meets The Nightmare Before Christmas." It's a fast-paced, irreverent stop-action animated variety show."
25th-Aug-2004 11:25 pm(no subject)
Seth Star by
Without a Paddle ranks number two on the lists, second to the Exorcist.
Check out the numbers;

1. Exorcist: The Beginning, $18.1 million
2. Without a Paddle, $13.5 million
3. The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, $13.1 million
4. Alien vs. Predator, $12.4 million
5. Open Water, $11.4 million
6. Collateral, $10.2 million
7. The Bourne Supremacy, $6.5 million
8. The Manchurian Candidate, $4 million
9. The Village, $3.7 million
10. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie, $3.2 million
23rd-Aug-2004 01:21 pm - Greg the Bunny - Show Me The Bunny!
Seth Star by
Uncut, uncensored and unrelenting, Greg the Bunny stars Seth Green and Eugene Levy and is rude, crude, and stuffed with attitude. TV wasn’t ready for him. Are you? The complete series on DVD includes two never aired episodes and much more. Puppets are people too!

Remember Greg the Bunny? It was a show that had high hopes, but only lasted 11 episodes, leaving 2 "in the can." Now Fox is releasing all 13 episodes on 2 DVDs on October 19th, with lots of extras for fans.

More detailsCollapse )
19th-Aug-2004 02:27 pm - Crazy Saturday on Comedy Central
Everyone make sure to watch Crazy Saturday on comedy central, because it will be hosted by Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, and Dax Shepard. From the commercials it looks pretty funny. Well, they made me laugh. ;)

Also, make sure to check Seth out on the Daily Show with John Stewart tonight!
17th-Aug-2004 01:02 pm(no subject)
Did anyone watch MTV's Diary of Matthew Lillard? If not, try and catch it because Seth is all over the screen. We see the guys eating gigantic steaks, walking the streets of Chicago, doing radio/TV promos for the upcoming movie, tossing baseballs at a White Sox game and more. It's quite fun. I loved watching them being regular folks just like me. Except I'm not a movie star with tons of dough!

(I already posted this on the other journal so you'll probably get this twice!)
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